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help2Please explain the order workflow.
An order will be processed in the ordering system under the status “new”. All details of the order (including the history) can be displayed. The status can be changed, and other states can be defined. By changing the status, emails based on templates will be sent automatically to the customer. For all orders, a delivery note and invoice can be generated. You can define users and rights to access the ordering system.
help2Can I download order data to Excel for a monthly sync with my financial app?
Yes, all order and client information can be exported to CSV.
help2What payment types do you offer?
We offer several proprietary payment gateways like Paypal, Giropay and Skrill, as well as all standard credit cards. Further proprietary regional payment gateways can be added on demand to our modular system.
help2Can I build a reseller structure?
You can create any subshops (brands, labels) that run under your company name. Every product edition has an included number of subshops, but further labels can be added in return for a small upprice in maintenance fees.
We also have an affiliate program with a purchase price 50% below the retail price. Please apply, if want exclusive rights for your country or region.
help2How many subshops can I host in the 3P OpenCart installation?
You can host any number of domains on a windows server. Each domain points to a different subshop inside the same OC installation.
help2Should the Online Designer run on the same server as the 3P OpenCart installation?
The online designer can be hosted on any server. Depending on the traffic, it should be a dedicated server. For the beginning we would advise to test it on the OC server.
help2What order status values are common in the 3P OpenCart installation?
help2I changed the language in the OpenCart store settings, but the storefront still displays the old language?
If you visited a store page in English, the language info is stored in the browser history. If you change the language in the store settings, make sure to clean the browser history and re-load the page.
help2I tried to upload a finished product to my new OpenCart store, but it failed. What is wrong?
Every OpenCart store or language has an individual SubshopID, and the Publisher and it's products.xml must also be branded with this SubshopID. Inside the products.xml, check if the UPLOAD section and DataPackURL have the correct URLs pointing to your store. You can see an example in the OpenCart\3p_dev\upload\3pdemo-en\products.xml. You can actually copy the URLs from this file and adjust them to your own domain. Also search this help document for DataPackURL to get more infos about the Publisher LiveUpdate mechanism.
If in doubt about the reason of the failure, it's always a good practice to first look at the C:\Users\<your_username>\AppData\Roaming\<your_appname>\tracehtp.log files for detailed error messages.
help2Can a customer exist in different subshops?
A customer can only exist in a single subshop, as his email address must be unique to the 3P OpenCart installation. If he wants to order a book in a different subshop of the same installation, he has to register with a new email address.


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