A note on version numbers

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Release cycles and bugfix launches are scheduled by 1STEIN for all Contractors simultaneously.

Example: for the English version 2.8.0, the Release field of the SetupWizard will be EN_28. In some cases, 1STEIN or the Contractor may need to launch binary hot fixes in advance to scheduled releases, in which case intermediate version numbers are defined by 1STEIN (example: 2.8.1 and EN_281). The version number must always be mirrored in the Contractor’s SetupWizard application. Usually this is done automatically by the SetupWizard, after it downloads a new binary from the 1STEIN server (see tab 1 of the SetupWizard).

The contractor may also modify branding and product data at any time, and in turn create intermediate client setups through the SetupWizard application. In this case, the contractor must define a private version number in the third decimal starting at x.y.z+1, and report the number to 1STEIN.

Example: for the official version 2.8.3, a private version number could be 2.8.4 or 2.8.5.

The LiveUpdate feature of the Publisher compares version numbers up to the third decimal, in order to decide whether to download an update. The local binary version is thus compared to the version number provided by the index.php file at the DataPackURL (see Products.xml). The new setup must be placed into the branding subfolder below index.php and must be called publisher_setup.exe. Thus, the index.php called by a Publisher binary version 3.2.1 would return the following, causing a download and consequently an update of itsself:




If you are using the index.php from our 3P Upload Connector (there’s a demo in the 4all.EN folder), please make sure to update the $binary_version variable for every new version, otherwise an update is not recognized by the installed clients. Binary updates are not triggered via MD5 checksums, but through the version number. If you developed your own update script, please make sure to follow the exact syntax described in the demo, incl. MD5 checksums and version numbers.

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