AuthentiCode Software certificates

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As of IE 9 (Windows 7) your 3P Publisher installer needs to be signed with a Microsoft Authenticode certificate, otherwise the user cannot download and start it. These are the dialogs that appear in the browser if your software does not have a certificate:


To overcome this, we recommend a 5 year certificate from:

To create this certificate using Firefox, follow these steps:

1.Click on the Firefox menu, then Options.
2.Click on Advanced, then Encryption, then View Certificates
3.Open the Your Certificates Tab, select your new certificate and click Backup…
4.Enter a filename like yourcompany.pfx and a password. clip0014
5.Rename the file extension in Windows Explorer from yourcompany.pfx.p12 to yourcompany.pfx



If you don’t see the file extension in Windows Explorer, press the Alt button on your keyboard, click Tools then Folder Options, open the View tab, und clear the option Hide extensions for known file types. Close the dialog with OK.

6. Copy the PFX certificate into Appdata\Roaming\CCSetupWiz, enter the password when asked by the SetupWizard, and your installer will be automatically signed.


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