Building an Installer for Mac

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For the Windows & Macintosh versions of the Publisher, the 3P SetupWizard Windows application takes care of all the binary downloading, file generation and branding.

For the Windows version, the SetupWizard relies on the free InnoSetup compiler to package the source files. The newest version of InnoSetup is automatically downloaded for you. After you install it, SetupWizard can automatically compile all source files into an Installer. On your Mac, you need to do this last step manually:

For this you have to manually download & install the free Packages install generator on your Mac machine. Packages needs the folder structure which is generated into the Output folder by the SetupWizard. You will also need to purchase a code signing certificate from Apple.

Consult the document OSX Packaging.pdf for all further steps after the SetupWizard generates the Mac folder structure.

sign_warning Please check with 1STEIN if you are licensed to use the Mac Publisher - this is not included in the Windows software distribution license.

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