Changing the demo to your own brand

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If you used the 4all\3p_install\OnlineDesignerSetup_3pdemo-en.exe installer from SVN in the Online Designer installation, you can easily convert this to your own brand without having to create a branded setup using the SetupWizard. Follow these steps:

Copy a translated CCPublisher.exe binary over the demo version in C:\Program Files (x86)\3P Online Designer
Edit CCPublisher.dat in the same folder, and modify the values in red:



AppName=3P Online Designer

AppTitle=3P Online Designer 3.8.29



You can also modify other keys in this file, but make sure the following remain untouched:






The SubShopID must correspond to the one in your products.xml. The AppName must have two corresponding folders on the server:

C:\Users\3puser01\AppData\Roaming\<AppName>: this is where the Publisher INI file is located
C:\ProgramData\<AppName>: this is where ZIP resources and DTP product files are located

Program settings (INI file) and product files (layout, templates and products.xml) can be copied from an installation of your branded Publisher. Make sure that all templates and layouts are included as non-zipped DTP files. These cannot be downloaded on-the-fly in the Online Designer, as defined by DownloadLayouts=0
Copy all resource ZIP files to C:\ProgramData\<AppName>. The next time the designer is launched, the resources will be unpacked to the correct locations and shown as tab sets on the left side of the interface. Make sure the ZIP files have a folders.dat, so the Publisher knows where to display the images. If the file contains thumbs, you may consider to move the originals onto the same server, so they don't need to be downloaded. There's two alternative ways to do this (the first option uses a little less server memory):
a.Copy the RC6 encoded originals into the same folder as the thumbs, so they are already present when needed. The thumbs are then used in the design layout, and later replaced by the crypted originals when the PDFs are generated.
b.Delete all thumbs and replace them with the original JPG files. Then comment out DownloadURL and DownloadSuffix in the folders.dat, so the Publisher does not look for the originals elsewhere.
In the products.xml modify the parameters GotoShopURL and LoginFormURL as described in the Online Designer installation topic. This also requires some changes in your custom backend, as described in the same topic under "If you have your own backend".
Edit C:\Program Files (x86)\TSplus\Clients\www\index.htm and translate the strings in dlgtitle, dlgmessage and the captions beneath "buttons".
Edit C:\Program Files (x86)\TSplus\Clients\www\software\html5\settings.js and translate the strings in W.splashscreencontent and W.pageUnloadMessage.
Edit C:\3P\FileUpload\FileUpload.ini and set Language=XY, corresponding to a section [XY].


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