Changing Folder Locations

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Currently, we have three storage folders

3p_upload: stores uploaded PDF or JPG files from the Publisher software in SubshopID subfolders as defined in the products.xml
3p_queue: stores printable PDFs and meta info job.xml files
3p_infos: permanently stores invoice.pdf and upload.xml files for later reference

The corresponding paths are defined in the oc_3p_option table:

UploadBaseFolder        C:\<company name>\3p_upload
InfoBaseFolder                C:\<company name>\3p_infos
DefaultQueueFolder        C:\<company name>\3p_print

In Windows, all folders need to have IIS_IUSRS modify rights.

When you change the file storage location, for example from C: to drive D:, you will have to follow these steps :

Backup your OpenCart database
Create an identical folder structure on drive D.
sign_warningDon't copy or move the files from C to D, unless you also change file paths in the OpenCart database tables (oc_3p_upload_file, oc_3p_queue_product, etc.). This is only for advanced users with good knowledge of the SQL language. You then also need to temporarily turn off the cleaning cron jobs so they don't automatically delete records, if moved files are no longer found on the drive.
Right click D:\1STEIN folder, and choose Properties > Security
Add IIS_IUSERS and enable Modify permission
Update the paths in the oc_3p_option table manually or using the following SQL commands in HeidiSQL:


UPDATE `oc_3p_option` SET `value`='D:\\<company name>\\3p_upload' WHERE `name`='UploadBaseFolder';

UPDATE `oc_3p_option` SET `value`='D:\\<company name>\\3p_infos' WHERE `name`='InfoBaseFolder';

UPDATE `oc_3p_option` SET `value`='D:\\<company name>\\3p_print' WHERE `name`='DefaultQueueFolder';



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