Changing the Store URL

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If you ever need to change the URL of your store (shop), or the domain of your company, you have to follow these steps:

1.Enter the new URL in OpenCart Administration > System > Settings > Edit the store > Store URL. The value is changed automatically in the tables oc_setting, oc_store and oc_order. The latter  is not changed by default in OpenCart. However, we fixed this limitation in our 3P OpenCart version.
2.Modify the site bindings in the IIS Manager on your server. In the example to the right, several domain URLs point to the same site. You can also add SSL secured domains here (https).




The subshop IDs of your shops are stored in the oc_3p_option table. If you change an ID, you also need to edit the corresponding products.xml and create a new Publisher installer.
The shop with store_id 0 must always have the subshop ID 3pdemo-en. This is the default demo store, which must always remain in your installation. The store_id 1 is a test shop, which you can change to a productive subshop ID we give you. Read more about subshops here.

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