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Can we assign assign the status "Queued (2)" to orders with payment method COD (cash on demand) automatically?

In Extensions > Payment > Cash On Demand, change the order status to Queued (2).


Can we define delivery costs based on the weight of products?

To use weight based shipping, go to Admin > Extensions, install Weight Based Shipping, and edit the options. Make sure all products have correct weight values (Products > Product > data tab). The weight is fixed for each product, so you cannot dynamically calculate the weight based on the number of book pages.



Can we set a maximum or minimum limit that an order must cost in order to pay through a specific method? Example: set maximum limit of € 150 for cash on delivery (COD). If the order exceeds € 150, that payment method would disappear.

At the moment we don't have this functionality inside the 3P OpenCart store, but there are OpenCart extensions that do the job. If you find an extension, tell us and we'll add it to the installation.


Can we influence the order_id in the database table oc_order?

To continue the order id from 3600 on, you can create a dummy order with the id 3599. The next order will then start at 3600, and this number is increased in steps of 1.


How can I change the content of the PDF invoice that is sent to the customer?

You can edit the template admin/view/template/sale/order_invoice.tpl


The final price of an order is calculated in a wrong way when a coupon is used.

OpenCart uses extensions to calculate the order subtotals and total. To use coupons, you can open the Admin dashboard, and in Extensions > Order Totals change the Coupon sort order. All extensions will be run in sequence of the sort order. Click here and scroll to Order Totals for more information.


We want to have higher quality product pictures in OpenCart. For this we can replace the corresponding files on the server in the “images” folder. In addition to this, can we add more pictures of the product under the main picture?

Open Admin dashboard > Catalog > Products. In the Image tab, you can add more images for the same product.:


How can I create SEO friendly URLs?

Make sure the PHP mod-rewrite module is installed inside your Windows IIS. In OpenCart Admin dashboard, go to System > Settings > Server and enable Use SEO-Urls. Then go to Catalog > Information, choose a page and go to the Data tab, where you can enter a SEO keyword like photo-book-software-editor. The corresponding URL will then appear like this:



How can we define the terms & conditions for a book return?

Go to Admin dashboard > System > Settings > Default store > Options. At the bottom you can modify the section Returns.


The “remove” button in the shopping basket opens a window with English dialog. How can we translate this?.

This window is relatively new in OpenCart, and you may not have the corresponding language text in your current language pack. You can open the file catalog/language/english/checkout/cart.php and copy the text to the same file in your language pack, and then translate the string.


How can we edit the footer links?

The links in the store footer have several groups, and the first group is taken from Catalog > Information. If you want to disable one of these pages, go to Catalog > Information, and change the status to disabled.

For the other footer sections, you can edit the template. To get the current template name, please refer to System > Settings. For example, if the current theme Aquacart,  you will have to edit the file \view\theme\aquacart\template\common\footer.tpl:

<div class="column shown-phone">

    <h3><?php echo $text_service; ?></h3>


      <li><a href="<?php echo $contact; ?>"><?php echo $text_contact; ?></a></li>

      <li><a href="<?php echo $return; ?>"><?php echo $text_return; ?></a></li>

      <li><a href="<?php echo $sitemap; ?>"><?php echo $text_sitemap; ?></a></li>




To hide an item, just comment it out like this: <!--<li>….</li>-->.


How can we enable account registration verification for new users?

Open Admin dashboard > Sales > Customers > Customer Group and enable Approve New Customers. Customers must now be approved by the Administrator before they can login.

To translate the login email message, please go to the folder language/english/3p_design, and copy login.php and active.php to your target language folder and then translate it.


Our registration emails frequently land in the users SPAM folder. How can we fix this?

Your domains and email server must be configured correctly. First, check the email headers received by the remote mail server and make sure that the sender (From) is correct. This should be a mail address which originates from your server, i.e. if your server has the domain mail.myserver.com, then the address should be something like support@myserver.com.

Next, check/setup an SPF record or DKIM for your domain, and a reverse DNS record for the IP address used to send the emails. Check if the IP address you are sending from is on any blacklists. MXToolBox BlackList Checker is useful for checking multiple blacklists.


If the customer doesn’t receive the email for account confirmation, and I approve the account from the Admin dashboard, can he proceed with ordering or it is mandatory to click the link?

Yes, after you approve it manually, the customer can login and buy products.


On the dashboard Product page there is a tab with the product attributes. These are currently in English. Where can we translate them to our language?

The product attributes are imported with the Products.xml file for each subshop (store). You can translate them into your target language in Catalog > Attributes.

lightbulb_onPlease note, that in Catalog > Products you will only find products that have the same language as the current system Administration Language. To change that language and view the corresponding products, go to System > Settings > Default Store > Locale. There you can toggle the Administration language:



Can we remove the line “without VAT” under the product price? It is not legitimate in our country to display prices without VAT.

To remove this line you have to know what store template you are using. Go to Admin dashboard > System > Settings, open the store you want to change, and in the Store tab note which theme is assigned to this store. Then open the template catalog/view/theme/<template_name>/template/product/product.tpl, look for the VAT line and comment it out using "//".




Sometimes the upload is interrupted for no apparent reason. When repeated, it crashes again. Why?

Windows Server 2008 IIS 7.x will block upload of files larger than 30 MB. The fix is to add the following to web.config, inside <system.webServer> node (has to be the first entry)


  <requestFiltering >

    <requestLimits maxAllowedContentLength="1073741824" ></requestLimits>




I cannot login to the admin panel anymore. I redirects me back to the login page without an error!

This is most likely due to too many open sessions. Check the folder C:\Windows\temp - if there are more than 10.000 session files inside this folder, then delete them using the command:

del /f/s/q c:\windows\temp > nul

After that edit the files C:\inetpub\OpenCart\php.ini and C:\inetpub\OpenCart\Admin\php.in and reduce the session timeout to 3 hours (the value is in seconds):

session.gc_maxlifetime = 10800;




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