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lightbulb_onThis documentation is intended to explain the specialties of the 3P OpenCart & BackOffice production suite. For regular OpenCart usage, please consult the OpenCart online documentation.


Production Workflow

The workflow starts with the design of a print product through predefined product templates on the client PC, using a downloadable DTP application called the 3P Desktop Publisher, or directly online through the 3P Online Designer. After upload, the consumer is routed to the 3P OpenCart storefront, where he can overlook his order and  pay via integrated payment provider. This then triggers the production workflow for printing, finishing and delivery in the 3P Backoffice.

The 3P Suite contains all the tools and databases required for a photo lab or print service provider to launch a successful photobook business. Customers have full control over their business models and branding, using well designed content and customer management tools.


3P Modules

The 3P Web2Print Suite consists of the following modules, displayed in different colors according to the available product editions. The 3P Business Edition comes with all available modules, whereas the 3P Publisher Edition only includes the desktop editor & upload connector, requiring you to provide your own shop & backend.

For startups, we also provide a 3P Starter Edition, enabling you to test your business case with a shoestring budget.





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Demos can be downloaded from here.


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