Image quality indicator

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The image quality indicator shows a warning if the user adds an image to a photo book with a problematic low resolution. The formula for this is:

X = ImageWidthPixel / (ImgWidthMM × (UploadDPI / 2 / 25.4))

Y = ImageHeightPixel / (ImgHeightMM × (UploadDPI / 2 / 25.4))

Quality = Minimum(X, Y) × 100

ImageWidthPixel is the number of pixels of the (cropped) image.

The ImgWidthMM is the width of the image in mm as it appears in the document (if your image only fills a part of the page this value is smaller than if your image is stretched to the maximum).

In the Publisher, Quality is displayed as follows:

0..99                poor
100..150        acceptable
over 150        good
over 500        may emphasize grain when cropped or downsized to the product dpi

lightbulb_on also see AIE, High Resolution Warning

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