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The 3P Image Uploader web service can be installed through a setup script or manually. The Setup script will perform all steps below, but under the SYSTEM user. If you later experience problems in combination with the Online Designer, try installing the service under the 3puser01 (see service properties).

For automatic setup, run C:\3p_xchange\4all\3p_install\FileUpload_Setup.exe from SVN. Then translate the language strings in the FileUpload.ini (see below).

After installation, the Image Uploader should automatically launch in the default browser as http://localhost:8078. At first you will get the error message "Destination path is unknown on this server: C:\3P\OnlineUsers\test\". This demonstrates, that not everyone can upload images anywhere on the server. If you now add the missing folder to your server and refresh the browser, you should be able to test upload some images. The image files in C:\3P\OnlineUsers\tmp\Images are displayed to users who have not registered yet, so they can test the Online Designer features.

sign_warningThe Online Designer calls this service through the URL in the CCPublisher.dat. You must edit this file and change UploadImagesURL=http://editor.your.domain to your domain or IP address, i.e. the server you are working on.

Manual Installation

Install the NSSM service manager. You can find a zipped copy in the SVN repository 3p_xchange\4all\3p_install. Extract this into a folder on your server and run 3P install service.bat
Install fmsoft_unigui_extjs_0.95.0.1044_setup.exe from the SVN repository 3p_xchange\4all\3p_install
Copy the Image Uploader into C:\3P\FileUpload. The corresponding files FileUpload.exe and FileUpload.ini can be downloaded from the SVN subfolder \4all\3p_install. Make sure the C:\3P\FileUpload folder has System = Full Control and Users = Modify rights.
Enable the incoming port 8078 in your Windows Firewall.
Add FileUpload.exe as a service using NSSM (similar to 3P BackOffice). Edit the service, go to the Log On tab and enter the user 3puser01 you created in the installation topic. Enter the name 3P FileUploader in the Details tab. You can use the following shell commands to open the NSSM service dialog:
       nssm.exe install "3P FileUploader"
       nssm.exe edit "3P FileUploader"
       Go to the Windows Services tool and start the service:
Edit C:\3P\FileUpload\FileUpload.ini and adjust the upload folder and mask. The mask is a comma list which can contain wildcards:
Copy the language section in [EN] to you own [XY] language, translate each string, and change Language=XY



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