Creating a Demo Installer

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In order to create your branded products and your application installer, you will need the SetupWizard application. Please note, that this is not a trivial process, requiring knowledge of XML and image files, and some designing capabilities. You will need the following tools:

SetupWizard application with PDF documentation. Download here:
Demo (downloaded by SetupWizard) with sample products and branding files
HTML and XML editor (Microsoft XML Notepad 2007, downloaded by SetupWizard)
Image editor to edit product/fold/placeholder images
A skin designer, if you want to edit the skin, otherwise use one of the provided skins (Silver.vsf), or turn off skinning in the SetupWizard (advised for >= Vista)
An installation of the 3P Desktop Publisher, which can be started with the commandline parameter CCPublisher.exe /design in design mode, in order to edit the layout and template files for each product. You can download an english version without products here (24 MB):
       (Change EN to DE to download a German version with products and ordering ability.)

Alternatively, you can also let the SetupWizard build a Demo Publisher for you. To build a Demo Installer, extract, run CCSetupWiz.exe and follow these steps:

Press "Next" and then "Validate"
The SetupWizard will now download some update and demo files, like the demo
If asked to update the SetupWizard, you can ignore that for now
If asked to install the InnoSetup application, please do so
If you get a “FileSync error” or Exception, restart the SetupWizard
If you get "Icon cannot be injected", delete all downloaded files and start over
When you arrive at "Validation successful", press "Next" and then "Generate"

InnoSetup will now generate a Demo Installer for you, which you can run and test. You can use this installation for the Design-Mode!


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