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Here's how to integrate the 3P Online Designer into your web pages:

In the SVN repository C:\3p_xchange\4all\3p_install there is a file named index (start online designer).htm. Copy this file into the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\TSplus\Clients\www and rename it to index.htm. Be aware that there is already a file named index.html inside the folder, which is overwritten by TS-Plus when you change some settings, so make sure your own file has the extension htm instead of html.
sign_warningAlways delete or rename the generated index.html, so your own index.htm is used by the TS-Plus webserver. Otherwise the TS-Plus portal page is opened instead of your Online Designer. Alternatively you can edit index.html directly and set it to ReadOnly afterwards, so TS-Plus does not change it again.
Open your index.htm in Notepad++ and adjust the three <a href..> parameters at the bottom of the file, i.e. replace with your own domain or IP. Make sure to adapt data-lang="en_en" to your users main keyboard language. Check all server references incl. ports inside this file.
sign_warningThe Powered by link at the bottom of the file must remain there. It is part of the 1STEIN license agreement.
As with open_popup.htm in the installation topic, adjust the links for dialog.js and dialog.css in index.htm, so your own web server is referenced.
You can now start your Online Designer via, where 82 is the port you defined for TS-Plus. Alternatively this could be 80, in which case you can omit it in the URL.

You have several options to start the Online Designer (OD) from this index.htm page:

1.Open the OD in a new browser tab in fullscreen mode (see href1). The tab will be closed when the OD is terminated.
2.Open the OD in a new maximized browser window (see href2). The window will be closed when the OD is terminated.
3.Open the OD in fullscreen mode through direct linking. When the window is closed, it will return to the TS-Plus index.htm. Here you could show a "Thank you" message, or redirect the user to another webpage.



Since the fullscreen mode is always accompanied by an annoying message in most browsers, we prefer option 2.
If you use option 2 then set W.reconnectonresize = true in the file C:\Program Files (x86)\TSplus\Clients\www\software\html5\settings.js. This ensures, that if the user decides to normalize the window or change the dimensions, the Publisher is always fit to the size of the window.
Of course you can copy the code from index.htm  into any other webpage and use option 1 or 2 without querying the user through the dialog.js library. However, the dialog is highly advised, because most browsers block popups that are not coming from a direct user action, like the click on a link or button.

Test & Launch

When you're ready to launch your 3P Online Designer, you should make sure the following works:

The Login Form should display without any "Untrusted Site" error message.
A new user must be able to register via Login Form.
Create a new project and save it. Reopen it via Project Manager.
Upload images and make sure they are stored in the current project image folder.
Test all external links in the dialogs Shopping Cart, Aboutbox, File Uploader, Map Capture, Help > Support and Product Wizard.
Make sure all product layouts & templates are stored locally and can be selected in the Product Wizard.
All features should work in the newest Opera, Chrome, Firefox and IE browsers.
Launch at least 10 concurrent sessions, and let each user upload images, create a photo book and order the product.
Note: under live conditions it is not very common, that all users are uploading images at the same time. Since this is a bottleneck for any server, the OD will temporarily slow down. The upside is, that users can continue editing their project, and whenever an image is uploaded it will automatically display in the left side thumbs panel.


The following only applies, if you have NOT installed OnlineDesignerSetup_<subshop>.exe under the user 3puser01. To not get an error message when launching the OD the first time:

Once you have completed the installation and integration, you are ready to test launch the Online Designer (OD) inside a browser. For the first launch only, the OD needs to run with Administrator rights in order to write some keys to the registry. In the Windows Server Manager, add the 3puser01 to the Administrator group, log in as 3puser01, launch the OD, and then remove the user from the Administrator group again.

Alternatively you can write this key manually using regedit.exe:




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