Layout properties

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The file products.xml contains a description of every product. The following properties are important when designing a product.

 <CHUNK title="cover">
   <IconFile />
 <CHUNK title="content">
   <IconFile />



The corresponding layout and template files of the product, where xyz denotes the product id.

Every product must have a layout and a template file. The page dimensions have to be the same for layout and template.


should currently be named cover or content only! used for icons, page numbers, to hide cover templates in page wizard, to hide fold image on cover

You can setup a maximum of two chunks per product. Minimum is one chunk per product.

Two chunks are normally used when you want to have a cover and a body for a product. If you have two chunks the final PDF file will have two separate PDF files (one for each chunk) to print them on different substrates and substrate sizes.

Delete a chunk entry if it is not needed and add a chunk entry if it is needed.


The title of the chunk.


This describes wheter the chunk is fixed (1) or not (0).

Ignores BasePageCount, UpPriceInc etc; no InsertBefore, InsertAfter in layout designer. When a chunk is fixed the consumer can‘t add additional pages to this chunk.


The link and image name for the icon file of this chunk. If it‘s empty it will use the default icon file.


The default icon file dimension is: 16 x 16 pixel. Shown top right of page thumb.

The maximum icon file dimension is: 122 x 92 pixel. File format of the icon file is bitmap (BMP).


The minimum number of SINGLE pages in the chunk.

The MaxPageCount has to be higher than the BasePageCount.

The PageIncrement has to fit to your final product, depending on the way it will be finished (e.g. 1 for calendar/poster, 4 for saddle-stitched photo book, etc.).


Value for the page increment. A value of 4 means that pages can only be added in multiples of 4.


Value for the maximum page count.


The upload format is PDF. This is the only supported upload format, so don’t change this!


This describes the additional price per page increment.

The UpPriceInc per page increment is specified as an integer number in 1/1000s of the currency , i.e. if your currency is € and your update price per increment is 5.00 € you must inscribe 5000.


Cover chunk option to display a vertical centered box for the spine. The dynamic portion based on PaperThickness is added to the width of this box (see following chapter). The BaseSpineWidth was introduced to account for a slightly wider spine than calculated from PaperThickness, because the spine is typically slightly curved. You can also use it to display a spine box when PaperThickness is not used.



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