License Agreements

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By installing the 3P software, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted the following license agreements:

1.1STEIN Reseller License and Publisher End User License agreements: These agreements cover the 3P BackOffice application and associated mySQL tables, the upload interface, the PDF stitching, all code found in opencart\3p_... folders and the 3P Publisher Desktop applications. You may not modify or disclose this code to anyone without written permission. The license file is called 3p_license.pdf and can be found in the openoffice folder.
2.OpenCart GNU GPL v3: This license allows you to read, use & modify all 3P OpenCart core code modifications in any way you wish. However, any code changes you do yourself also fall under the GPL v3 license and must be be published on request. The license file is called opencart_license.txt and can be found in the opencart folder.


The 3P Test Shop includes a theme called AquaCart. If you want to convert your test shop into a live shop, or if you want to use this theme in any new subshop, you must purchase a license for this theme at Theme Forest. If you want to use any other theme, please purchase this theme and send it to us, so we can test it with our code.
The 3P Demo Shop  includes a theme called Palioxis. This theme is free and can be found here.
Both shops (demo1 and test1) include banners and product category images which may not be used in any live shop. These images are located under C:\inetpub\wwwroot\<company name>\opencart\image\data\banners. For your live shops, please purchase images and banners at an online stock image agency. Product category images and homepage banners can be defined in the OpenCart Administration.

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