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Moving a user from one server/folder to another

Example: You want to move user 46 and his projects from C:\3P\OnlineUsers\46 to M:\3P\OnlineUsers\46, where M could be the shared drive of another server, or a secondary disk on the same server.

1.Copy all files from original folder 46 to drive M. The files will inherit the access rights of M:\3P\OnlineUsers\. Afterwards, you can delete the original folder 46. Make sure the files at the new location have System = Full Control and Users = Modify rights.
2.Open the oc_3p_customer table in the 3P BackOffice and edit the record of user 46. Change the projects_root_unc value to M:\3P\OnlineUsers\. The user will now get routed to this base folder after login, where he can access all his projects in the subfolder 46.


Updating the Online Designer binary

Once you installed the Online Designer on the server through the generated SetupWizard script, updates should be done on a file-to-file basis. For instance, if you have new prices, just replace the products.xml. If we have a new binary for you, you can download it through this URL, where EN is an example for the language, and 3811 would be the version 3.8.11:

Once the file is on your server, you can rename the existing CCPublisher.exe to CCPublisher_old.exe (step 1) without stopping the TS+ service. You cannot delete this file while it is in use, but renaming it will allow active users to finish their work, and new users to be assigned to the new binary, which you must copy into the same folder. So the downloaded file CCPublisher_bin.exe must be renamed to CCPublisher.exe in the installation folder (step 2).


Updating TS+

Whenever you update your TS+ version, some of your changes from the original installation may be overwritten. After the update start the OD, check the Image Uploader and click on a link in the Aboutbox of the OD. Also test a complete order workflow. If something does not work out, you may have to go through the original installation steps of TS+ again. In any case, you must include the following steps:

Always use the update feature of TS+ in Administration > License > Check for Update > Download Update Release. If TS+ is asking you for a new service ticket, please ask 1STEIN to send you one.
Before the update, make a backup of the C:\Program Files (x86)\TSplus\Clients\www\index.htm file(s). After the update, copy them back. Make sure there is no new index.html file (extension html) in the folder, which has priority over your own index.htm file.
Before the update, make a backup of C:\Program Files (x86)\TSplus\Clients\www\software\html5\settings.js. After the update, copy it back. Check with WinMerge, what settings have been added in the new TS+ version, and merge them into your own settings.js.
After the update, unpack the security patch \4all\3p_install\ from the SVN subfolder back into the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\TSplus\UserDesktop. For all TS-Plus versions below or equal to 9.20.4, copy the contained webime.bin into the files subfolder. Rename C:\Program Files (x86)\TSplus\UserDesktop\ltaskbar.exe to ltaskbar.exe.orig


The drive is full - now what?

This problem requires your immediate attention, because it will ultimately cause corruption of all projects that are currently worked on. There are several things you can do (highest prio first):

1.Delete older temporary projects in C:\3P\OnlineUsers\tmp\DTP. This will only give you a short relieve.
2.When the temporary projects card is played (regularly), the only way to create more disk space is to delete older user projects. This is a somewhat radical method, and you should delete only those projects that have already been ordered on your custom shop or 3P OpenCart server. Otherwise you risk deleting long term projects that users are still working on. So a good idea would be to create a cron job, that queries your shop server for those projects that have been ordered a safe distance in the past, and then delete the corresponding project folders on the OD server. Each folder (as in the temporary example above) holds the complete project, including the uploaded images, and can simply be removed. The project manager for each user then does an automatic cleanup when the user logs in the next time, and the project no longer appears in the list.
lightbulb_onOn the 3P OpenCart server, users are reminded to reorder, otherwise an uploaded project is deleted after a while by a cron job. At the moment we have no mechanism to help you with a similar cleanup on the OD server.
3.Move project files to another drive (on another server). The drive must be connected (imported) on your running OD server. You must do changes in the database to reconnect the user with the moved projects. You can also backup old projects to another drive (similar to the removal option above), so if a user complains you can restore his project.
4.Move to another server with a bigger drive, or to one where you can add drives. Remember to update the OnlineUserRootFolder entry in the CCPublisher.dat file, whenever you move to another drive.
5.Store your projects on a cloud drive, which can resize without limits. The cloud drive must be connected to your OD server. You can also upsize your CPU needs with cloud services - check Microsoft Azure.
6.Get another server and cluster it in TS+. This will also get you more CPU resources and will relieve your running server. However, this is more a solution for performance bottlenecks, as it will not stop your servers from filling up and you will end up with the same problem sooner or later.
7.Promote the Desktop Publisher in favor of the Online Designer. Letting customers work with their own resources is always a cheaper idea. There are no disadvantages to using the Desktop Publisher, except that it must be installed once by the user. After that the user profits from better performance and does not need to upload photos to your server anymore.


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