Resource files before v3.5

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The Res_*.zip files are example collections which can be edited. After editing, please copy them into the same SetupWizard directory where the generated lies., and are then compiled into the installer by the SetupWizard.

The file is downloaded and dynamically installed by the client, because it is too big for the installer. Files from are displayed in an extra Publisher tabset called Clipart.

If you want to include some of the clipart in the installer, then put these files/folders in the, but make sure this file does not get bigger than a couple of MB. Clipart can be of the filetype PNG, GIF or JPG. Note, that only PNG images preserve transparency!

The contents of all files with the name Res_Textures[2..n].zip are installed in the same directory as the textures from

The clipart directory names are in English. To nationalize the names, you must run the 3P Desktop Publisher and let it decompress the clipart folder structure. You will then find a file called folders.dat in the top folder of the clipart directory. This file can be edited, extended with your language and updated in (or Whenever you add new folders, you should repeat the process. The 3P Desktop Publisher will append any new foldernames to folders.dat, which can then be translated. DON'T edit any original file and folder names in

Please send any translated folders.dat to us, so we can include your language in future versions of the clipart gallery. Also make sure to compare new file versions in 4all.EN with the edited versions in your subshop directory, evertime you run the SetupWizard. Especially the Products.xml may contain new features. Check the changelog inside. You can also use the WinMerge application to compare files.

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