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Installing the 3P Online Designer is a very simple process compared to competing products, and it should not take more than a few hours.The code base is nearly the same as the 3P Desktop Publisher, so any new version will automatically be available for both platforms, and there will always be nearly 100% feature parity. Above that, all your product layouts & templates are 100% identical, eliminating redundancy in your product design and management.

When you run the 3P Online Designer, the following components need to be installed and configured on the Windows Server. We advise to use a separate (virtual, root or dedicated) Windows Server (see Requirements in Overview) with SSD drives:

1.Most recent version of your branded 3P Desktop Publisher (generated by 3P SetupWiz in OnlineMode).
For a quick test, you can use SVN 4all\3p_install\OnlineDesignerSetup_3pdemo-en.exe. You can easily change this to your own brand later by following this topic.
2.Java (requried by TS-Plus)
3.TS-Plus Application Server & Load Balancer (unlimited single server license included in 3P)
4.3P Image Uploader web service (includes NSSM Service Manager)
5.TortoiseSVN: Create the folder C:\3p_xchange and call Checkout from, then Update. You will need an account from 1STEIN for this.
6.Other utilities: Notepad++, WinMerge, XML Notepad 2007, Microsoft Autoruns or CCleaner (to disable autostart apps)

Installation and Configuration of the 3P Online Designer components

Add the user account 3puser01 to your Windows machine, which is member of the Users group. All Online Designer sessions will run under this user! For the coming installations, this user must be a temporary member of the Administrators group. If 1STEIN installs the server for you, the user will have a default password. You must change this before going live.
If you plan to use the 3P Online Designer together with the 3P OpenCart store, change the following settings:
In the folder c:\inetpup\wwwroot\opencart open the file web.config and increase the maximum file upload size to 2 GB:




        <requestFiltering >

          <requestLimits maxAllowedContentLength="2000000000" ></requestLimits>



  Add the following table to the 3P OpenCart mySQL database:

CREATE TABLE `oc_3p_customer` (

 `3p_customer_id` INT(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,

 `customer_id` INT(11) NULL DEFAULT NULL,

 `projects_root_unc` TEXT NULL,

 PRIMARY KEY (`3p_customer_id`) )





Launch the "Local Group Policy Editor" gpedit.msc. Make sure the Remote Desktop Role is NOT installed. Only then are you conform with Microsoft regulations and are allowed to use the TS-Plus Application Server without having to purchase CALS. Also make sure the following options are disabled in the Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Remote Desktop Services:
In the first page of the 3P SetupWizard, enable OnlineMode. Copy open_popup.htm, and unzipper.dll from 4all.EN to your shop source folder. Edit the dynamic.ini and default.ini in the \products\branding folder. These are the application settings each user will initially get after he registers and logs in.
Compile a new version of your 3P Online Designer. Login to your server under the user account 3puser01. This user must temporarily have Administrator rights. Run OnlineDesignerSetup_<subshop>.exe under the user 3puser01 as Administrator.
lightbulb_onIn the future, if there are new binary versions of the Online Designer or Desktop Publisher, you don't need to generate a new setup with the SetupWizard. You can just download and overwrite the CCPublisher.exe binary through the following link, where EN is an example for the language, and 3811 would be the version 3.8.11:
The generated OnlineDesignerSetup_<subshop>.exe will do the following under the user account 3puser01:

Adds the following entries in CCPublisher.dat:

 OnlineMode=1 (Alternatively you could call the Publisher with the parameter /onlinemode.)

Creates a folder C:\3P\OnlineUsers\tmp\Images and copies some test images to this folder. These images can be used by users who want to test the 3P Online Editor without creating an account. The C:\3P\OnlineUsers folder must have System = Full Control and Users = Modify rights.
lightbulb_onThe value of AutoUpdateDays is ignored, because downloads in the online mode are not allowed for security reasons. If you set SkinActive=0, the Online Designer will display a default Emerald skin. You can also create and include your own skin. There is one included in 4all.EN called Silver.vsf. Please ask 1STEIN for a skin design tool. Note: SUI skins (.ssk files) are no longer supported as of version 3.9 of the Publisher.
Installs all layout & template ZIP files in C:\ProgramData\<PublisherName>\Products. These cannot be downloaded on-demand in the online mode. There is also no dynamic downloading of the products.xml or the resource files in online mode, so you must update this manually when prices, products and resource images change.
Changes the following Windows Server Registry entries:
 HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\FontSmoothing=2
 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\fSingleSessionPerUser=0
 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\Terminal Services\MaxDisconnectionTime=0
lightbulb_onYou can also find the last two settings in the Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc) under the node Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Remote Desktop Services > Remote Desktop Session Host.
Copies open_popup.htm to the application directory (same folder as the binary CCPublisher.exe). The file can also be found in the SVN subfolder \4all\3p_install.

sign_warningAfter the installation, copy dialog.js and dialog.css from the SVN subfolder \4all\3p_install to your productive webserver's script folder (usually different from the OD server you are working on right now), and adjust the following links inside open_popup.htm in the Publisher application directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Online Designer. If you forget this, then the 1STEIN files with German translations will be used. We also cannot guarantee these files will exist on our server in the future. The Javascript library allows one browser window to open another browser window (popup) through means of a dialog. If you are using Firefox, you may not see this dialog, since popups are allowed without manual user interaction:

  pushScript("http://<replace.with.your.server>/dialog.css", "link");

  pushScript("http://<replace.with.your.server>/dialog.js", "script");


Run Notepad++ as Administrator to edit C:\Program Files (x86)\3P Online Designer\CCPublisher.dat and change UploadImagesURL=http://editor.your.domain to your Online Designer domain or IP address, i.e. the server you are working on now.
Make sure the C:\3P\OnlineUsers folder has System = Full Control and Users = Modify rights, which is usually done by the installer above.

Make sure that the web pages displayed in the ActiveX browser control of the Publisher don't display any links to pages outside of your company, especially to search engines. This would be a severe security breach of your server, allowing hackers to surf to a malicious web page and install a trojan on your server. The browser control is used inside the login form, product wizard, map capture and resource capture dialogs. The resource capture dialog is disabled by default in the 3P Online Designer for this reason. The grid-on-the-fly feature is also not available in the OD, because it causes a heavy load on display resources.
sign_warningThe Map Capture dialog has a similar security risk, so if you want to disable it, add the following in the <PublisherUI> section of the Products.xml:
sign_warning To allow the ActiveX browser control inside the 3P Online Designer to display the login page from the LoginFormURL (if the domain lies on another server), you have to add all shop & shopping cart domains, that are referenced from the Publisher, to the IE trusted sites of the 3puser01. Otherwise you will get an Enhanced Security Configuration warning (ESC) blocking the non-trusted site. However, we recommend to turn ESC off completely, because the no-trust warning actually has a link which would allow the user to open a new browser window (great idea, Microsoft!). Also, if you frequently need to browse to web pages or download SW using the IE on the server, the warnings become very annoying. So:
1. In the Windows Server Manager Local Server, turn off IE Enhanced Security Configuration for the Administrator and User groups. Also turn off Local Server > Windows Error Reporting. Finally, you can stop the Server Manager from starting, by setting Server Manager Properties > Do not start Server Manager at logon.
2. In the IE > Internet Options, set the standard Internet Zone to Medium High.
3. If you want to keep ESC on, add all your external domains to the IE Trusted Sites of the 3puser01, incl. if you plan to use the Capture Maps feature. You need to be logged in as 3puser01 to do this, and this user must be a temporary member of the Administrator group. Make sure you have not yet assigned the Online Editor to 3puser01 in TS-Plus (one of the next steps).
       clip0038 clip0039
Edit C:\ProgramData\<PublisherName>\Products\PRODUCTS.XML and add the parameters in red (make sure this is your own Products.xml, and not the one from the 3P Demo Publisher):
lightbulb_onSSID can also be written as subshopid. Regarding sessionid, if you are not using the 3P OpenCart shop, then you have to adapt your own shop to skip the shop's login form, if the user has already logged in inside the Online Designer. For this you can remember the sessionid in your shop backend after the first login. It is then passed to your shop again by the GotoShopURL. In the Desktop Publisher, this parameter is ignored, because the user only logs in on calling upload and is then immediately redirected to his basket.
sign_warningThe products.xml is not downloaded in online mode and must always be updated manually on the OD server!
lightbulb_onIf you have your own backend: The parameter projects_root_unc must be stored in the user database (see oc_3p_customer above, or similar table in your backend), the first time this parameter is passed from the OD. This is the users Home Directory, where the projects.xml file, the uploaded images and all DTP projects are created & stored. The value must only be changed in your backend DB, if the complete user folder is moved to another server or drive. Whenever the user logs in, the value must be passed back in the result.xml of the login form. You must also pass back the users email and customer_id (example 5) from your database table:


    <response><parameter name="sessionid">169b09f16fd62cee2ce5a721f66eab3d</parameter>

   <parameter name="projects_root_unc">C:\3P\OnlineUsers\5</parameter>

   <parameter name="customer_id">5</parameter>

   <parameter name="email"></parameter>

   <parameter name="full_name">Walter White</parameter>

   <parameter name="errorId">0</parameter>

   <parameter name="errorMessage"></parameter>


Install Java from the web. Restart the Windows server.
Stop the Java Update Sheduler (jushed.exe) by deactivating this process in Microsoft Autoruns. You could also use CCleaner, or delete the corresponding registry key:
lightbulb_onNote: You could also use msconfig to remove autostart applications, but in Windows Server 2012 the Startup tab was removed from msconfig, because you're supposed to use the Windows Task Sheduler (log on task) instead.
sign_warningMake sure all Automatic Updates on your server are disabled. Besides Java, these can be Microsoft, Google, Acrobat, MS-Office and Antivirus updates. Most of the time it is a Windows service that has to be changed to disable. If any of these updates fires unexpectedly, it can display annoying reminder messages, automatically restart the server and terminate all customer projects that are currently being worked on! Also turn off Check for Solutions to problem reports.
clip0054   clip0053
Install the newest TS-Plus Application Server & Load Balancer from the following download link.
Copy the license.lic file (provided by 1STEIN) to the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\TSplus\UserDesktop\files
Rename C:\Program Files (x86)\TSplus\UserDesktop\rtaskbar.exe to rtaskbar.exe.orig. Unpack C:\3p_xchange\4all\3p_install\ from the SVN subfolder into the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\TSplus\UserDesktop. This is a security patch from 1STEIN, which will disable the windows key in the TS-Plus environment, and cause an immediate logoff if any user tries to inherit an orphaned TS-Plus session from a different PC. In addition to that, for all TS-Plus versions up to 9.20.4, copy the contained webime.bin into the files subfolder.
Rename C:\Program Files (x86)\TSplus\UserDesktop\ltaskbar.exe to ltaskbar.exe.orig
In TS-Plus, set the web server HTTP port to 82, and enable Incoming port 82 in your Windows firewall. Your Online Editor can then be called with an URL like If you don't plan on running an IIS webserver and hosting webpages on this machine, you can also use the default port 80.
Add the following user account to TS-Plus Web Credentials: user oe1, password 3ponlineeditor. Match it with the Windows user 3puser01.
Add the 3P Online Designer application to Applications > Assign Application, and assign it to the Windows user 3puser01
       clip0036   clip0033
oGo to License > Server Role Preference and make sure the RDS role is not activated (otherwise you need to purchase Microsoft CALS):
Go to Server > Session Opening Preference and define the Background Color which will appear behind your Online Designer Login / Registration dialog. Alternatively you can edit C:\Program Files (x86)\TSplus\UserDesktop\themes\Seamless\desktop0.ini manually and set it ReadOnly afterwards, so TS-Plus does not change it again. The example below shows a color code for pastel green (7455109). The taskbar should always be turned off (0).
Go to Server > GPO Group Policy Editor and make sure the settings are as follows. This will prevent users from inheriting disconnected session from other users, who did not log out of the Online Designer correctly:
Edit C:\Program Files (x86)\TSplus\Clients\www\software\html5\settings.js, and change the following options. You can also copy settings_TSplus.js from SVN as a start. It already has most of the default settings:
W.allowdynamicresize = "all";                //as of v9.20: when set to all and supported by server (win8, win2012 and higher), resizing will cause new session size
W.clipboard = "yes";
W.connectiontimeout = "40";                        //between 20-160 seconds in 10 seconds step, or 0 to disable timeout.
W.ctraltdel = "no";                                //all, no, mobile, mobile_button, all_button
W.customerDummyFunction = function() { document.title = "Online Designer"; }();   //title of the browser window or tab
W.default_color = 24;                                //for more speed you can change to min. 15
W.filehtmluploadbutton = "no";
W.filelisting = "no";
W.filetransfer = "no";
W.filerdpuploadbutton = "no";
W.full_screen = 2;                                //full screen size; automatically disabled if fullscreen not supported by browser
W.lang = "en_us";                                //keyboard language to use in index.html: as_browser, as_gateway, en_us, fr_fr, de_de, etc.
W.macSafariFullDisable = true;                //disable full screen in Mac Safari browser due to security bug
W.pageUnloadMessage = "You have started editing a book. The editor should always be closed via logoff button!"; //page unload warning (browser dependent)
W.reconnectonresize = false;                        //when true, the resizing will cause reconnect, enforcing new session size
                                                       //when dynamic resize supported and allowed, reconnection will be disabled
W.send_logoff = true;                                //by event of browser closing, the session disconnects and logoff command gets sent to session
W.showinputbutton = true;                        //show red input field for fast input access of mobile keyboard
W.showmainmenu = "mobile";                        //show menu on mobile devices, so soft keyboard is available
W.showprintbutton = "no";
W.smartfit = true;                                //html5 browser will always try to fit the session into the screen, if not fullscreen mode; use in combination with W.reconnectonresize
W.softMobileKeyboard = "mobile";                //use software emulated keyboard
W.splashscreencontent = "Thank you for using the Online Designer<br>Please wait.."; //waiting message while session is starting (can contain HTML)
Install the Image Uploader web service manually or through FileUpload_Setup.exe
Change the demo installation to your own brand (if you installed OnlineDesignerSetup_3pdemo-en.exe above)
Integrate the Online Designer into your webpages


The following only applies, if you have NOT installed OnlineDesignerSetup_<subshop>.exe under the user 3puser01. To not get an error message when launching the OD the first time:

Once you have completed the installation and integration, you are ready to test launch the Online Designer (OD) inside a browser. For the first launch only, the OD needs to run with Administrator rights in order to write some keys to the registry. In the Windows Server Manager, add the 3puser01 to the Administrator group, log in as 3puser01, launch the OD, and then remove the user from the Administrator group again.

Alternatively you can write this key manually using regedit.exe:


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