SetupWizard: Building the Installer

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After definition/update of your product, layout and branding files, you will need the SetupWizard to merge everything into one executable installer for your customers. This tool also downloads the most current Publisher binary from the 1STEIN server and compiles it into your installer. Things to do after a new binary is downloaded:

Consult the Source\4all.EN\3P Release Notes.txt for an overview of new functions
Compare the products.xml inside Source\4all.EN\ using WinMerge, and transfer any changes to your own Products.xml
Read the development history

When you’re ready to build your new installer:

Run the SetupWizard application again
Change the Release field to <lan>_BETA>, where <lan> is your language ID
Enter <company>-<lan> in the SubshopID field. This ID is provided by 1STEIN.
Enter your company name in the SubShopName


Enter <company> Desktop Publisher in the AppName field
Leave the AppVersion field as it is. It will be automatically updated after the new binary is downloaded.
Enable the DownloadLayouts option, if you want to reduce the size of the installer by 20 MB. The 3P Desktop Publisher will then download products on-the-fly from the LiveUpdate folder on your server. For this you need to later upload all files into your LiveUpdate folder (DataPackUrl), so the 3P Desktop Publisher can find them there.
Press Next and then Validate, which will download any new binary from 1STEIN and create a new installer. If prompted, download & install a new InnoSetup version. You may also receive a new demo with new images.
When you get an error that something is missing, check C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\CCSetupWiz. You will find Output, Products and Source folders. Most of your work will be done in the Products folder. Help files can be found in Source\4all.EN. In Products\demoshop.EN_DEMO you can find some typical product layout, template and branding files, which the SetupWizard used for the Demo Installer.
When you finally built your own installer, check all translations and new features. Also test a full upload to your backend!
If you are not satisfied with some translations, DON'T send us an updated database, but request a fresh translation database from 1STEIN. After all translation cycles, we will upload your final binary.
In the SetupWizard, you can now change the Release field to <lan>_<version> and create the final installer
Upload the Products.xml and all generated files to your LiveUpdate folder (DataPackUrl), so they are not downloaded again right after the user installs the Publisher (MD5 checksums!)
Run your installer and test a full photobook upload to your backend!


Consult 3P SetupWizard Help.pdf for more infos on how to brand your application & products via Products.xml and HTML files, and how to build your installer with the SetupWizard

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