SQL Batch Scripts

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Deleting Catgories

Sometimes you want to reorganize your products into new categories. When you re-import a products.xml with newly assigned categories, the old product categories are not deleted in the mySQL database, because we must assume that you still have old (inactive) products related to these categories. To manually delete all categories of a store, use the following SQL script in HeidiSQL:

DELETE c, cd, cp, cf, cs FROM oc_category c INNER JOIN oc_category_description cd

  ON (c.category_id=cd.category_id) LEFT JOIN oc_category_path cp

  ON (c.category_id=cp.category_id) LEFT JOIN oc_category_filter cf

  ON (c.category_id=cf.category_id) INNER JOIN oc_category_to_store cs

  ON (c.category_id=cs.category_id)

  WHERE cs.store_id=1;



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