Folders.dat resource description file

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This file must be located in the top folder of each resource archive, otherwise a dynamic tabset is not added.

[Section] key=value



Translation of folder names inside the tree

Resources for 3P Publisher - © 1STEIN
All collection files are provided for private use only.
You may not modify, sell or redistribute them in any way.

Language dependent license text, shown when clicking the info button above the thumbs panel. Line breaks are conserved.

In the free or purchased collections, this value may not be changed!




Title of the tabset


Top folder displayname inside the tree


"More Info.." button in license dialog. If not provided, then the button is not shown. Can be used to direct the user to a page where he can download more resources.

In the free or purchased collections, this value may not be changed!




See list of possible icons in next chapter


Currently ignored; will be used for specifying the order of the tabs in a future version. This value should remain empty or contain a unique index >= 2


Base path - currently only allows:

Must be a subfolder of {organizer}\Resources\ because Publisher only looks in that folder for the resource files. All tabsets are sorted by <libraryname>


Root folder that is used in the Treeview for displaying the images. We suggest that you leave it empty, because the default value (same as InstallTo) is fine in most cases.


Show tree above thumbs; allowed values: 0, 1


Show filenames below thumbs; allowed values: 0, 1


Allow thumb multiselection; allowed values: 0, 1

Should be 0 for images only used as background images.


Next time Publisher is started, position to last folder


Please delete this line from the file before Uploading. This is specific to the file system of the operating system. The value contains the last folder that was open in the tabset.


Height of tree in pixels, if TreeVisible=1. If the user changes the height of the tree, then this value will be updated.


If resource is dragged onto a page background, use this setting in the background dialog


From where the original images are downloaded on-the-fly, when the user drags a thumb to a page. Images at this location can be encoded, having the extension ".jpg_rc6" or ".png_rc6".

You need CodedColor PhotoStudio to encode the files with a password and protection level (see chapter below).

The subfolder structure must be the same as in the resource archive containing the thumbs. Subfolder names are not allowed to have any special characters (&, space, etc), as they are appended to the DownloadURL.


Define this attribute only if the original files at DownloadURL are encoded using CodedColor PhotoStudio and have the file extension ".jpg_rc6" or ".png_rc6"


Allowed values:

Image: thumb can be dragged/added as image only
Background: thumb can be dragged/added as BG only
Frame: thumb can be dragged as frame/mask only; thumb popup menu is not visible
Image,Background: file can be dropped either on an image placeholder or on the page background
Texture: texture for non-image objects like fonts & shapes


Used when FileType=Frame. Allowed values:

FrameDialog (default): open dialog with further options
FrameApply: frame/mask is applied immediately



Crypted AppID from the facebook developers page (pls ask us to encrypt it). To create your own photo up/downloader Facebook app, you need to add the user_photos permission, and your app needs to be reviewed. Expect several months delay.

lightbulb_onThere is a demo folders.dat file in 4all.EN\
sign_warningThe facebook download feature is not available in the Online Designer. Opening an outside web page on your server poses a high security risk.


Number of images of a Facebook album that are downloaded in the first run. After that, the user can click the Download more button. If you increase this value you may run into load restrictions.


In update packages (, use this section to delete folders/files in the already installed package. All paths are relative to the top resource folder.

Only use this section to delete files that are no longer part of the package! All other files are automatically handled through file date comparison, i.e. if you provide a new thumb inside the package, then the original image is deleted and downloaded again, when the user drags the thumb to a page.

sign_warningCareful: If you delete a thumb incl. its original protection level-2 encoded image, then a book containing this image can only be ordered with the lowres image inside the image placeholder, and there will be no error message!



Deletes files with wildcards. Thumbs and originals are deleted, if pattern is matched



Deletes specified file incl. thumb and original image. It doesn’t matter if you write abc_thumb.jpg, abc.jpg or abc.jpg_rc6



Deletes all thumbs and downloaded files inside the folder. The second command then deletes the empty folder.
Hint: currently there is no other way to delete a complete folder or a folder with sub folders.

lightbulb_onExample folders.dat

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