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sign_warningThe Upload Connector is only relevant for customers who need to connect the Publisher client software to their own backend, so customers can upload their designed print products.

If you are such a customer, please ask us for the 3PUploadConnector.zip with demo PHP sources. In this archive, please read the detailed document Spec Upload Interface.pdf from Diron.

We adapted this spec with only minor changes. The exact calls and parameters can be found in the most recent <SetupWizard>\Source\4all.EN\products_demo.xml


 <DPI>300</DPI>                                <!-- resolution of uploaded PDF -->

 <UserExportDPI>150</UserExportDPI>        <!-- resolution of user exportable demo PDF -->




 <TransmitChunk>transmitChunkFile.do?chunkid=[chunkid]&amp;pagenumber=[pagenumber]&amp;pagesinfile=[pagesinfile]&amp;md5=[md5] </TransmitChunk>



  <PageThumbnails enabled="1" maxwidth="600" maxheight="600">JPG</PageThumbnails>  <!-- page thumbs for an online flip book -->


Before and after Upload, the following URLs are used:




Check the C:\Users\<your_username>\AppData\Roaming\<your_appname>\tracehtp.log for the corresponding xml response files from the server. These files have a <response> attribute inside. The first response from the registration/login, which sends the SessionID, is not found in the tracehtp.log. See the file Spec Upload Interface.pdf for more information.


After definition of your product, layout and branding files, you will need the SetupWizard, in order to merge everything into one executable installer for your customers. This tool also downloads the most current Publisher binary from our server, and puts it into your installer.

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